Artist Statement

Jude Barton has a BFA from Metropolitan State University of Denver with an emphasis in sculpture and art history. She has been a member of the Colorado art community for more than 20 years.

My work has developed along many paths since I started seriously doodling back in my teens. Now, one may not think of doodling as a serious path to art but don’t let that lofty esoteric jargon fool you, I took my doodles very seriously and still have a small portfolio of my very early work. Of course now they call it Zentangle and have made an attempt to codify the rules of legitimate doodling but I just threw caution to the wind and broke the rules - both then and now.

I still doodle around but now I call it “fine art”, have a BFA attached to my credentials and show my work in galleries. I am very process oriented and love to experiment with materials and processes until I am stirred by a certain form or color or composition of elements. I am inspired by the work and principles of Wassily Kandinsky who said “Form is an outward expression of an inner meaning”. He is dedicated to a vocabulary of form and color that reveals his inner content. In this vein of expression I strive for a formalist and often non-objective expression of form and color. I am more concerned with the elements of composition rather than context or subjective meaning although at times one will find intentional context or subjective meaning in my work and I sometimes drift into the realm of surrealism.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Core New Art Space